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December 10, 2017

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Galaxies galore (Abell 1656 cluster in Coma Berenices)

August 3, 2018


Can you count all the galaxies? This field is just 25x15 arc minutes. Only a quarter of a degree across. Yet, not unlike the Hubble Deep Field image, it is hard to believe how many galaxies are visible in such a small patch of sky. The galaxy brightness range is from 11.5 - ~19 magnitude. According to a quick search in the SIMBAD database, it appears that some of the fainter galaxies are so far away, their light took around half a billion years to to reach my camera sensor.




Optics: AT12 RC astrograph @ f/8
Camera: QHY9M CCD
Filters: Orion 2'' LRGB
Mount: AP900 GTO
Guider: Meade DSI Pro II

Focus: Robofocus
Software: CCD Commander, Maxim DL, FocusMax, Photoshop CC 2014, Pixinsight 1.8

Date: RGB: 6/8-11/2017 L: 5/16/2017
Exposure: Lum: 8x900'' bin1 RGB: 6x900''each bin1
Total integration: 6.5 hours

Location: Asteria remote observatory, Hocking Hills OH


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