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Messier 1 - A cosmic crab

A reprocess of my M1 data from last November. Messier 1 is the brightest supernova remnant in the night sky. It is believed the supergiant star exploded a few thousand years ago. A very interesting object, as it appears differently using different filters. This provides the opportunity to process it in many different ways. It was fun working on it.

Messier 1 - Crab nebula

Imaging telescope: AT12 RC astrograph f/8 Imaging camera: QHY9M CCD Filters: Orion 2'' RGB, 2'' Baader 7nm Ha Mount: AP900 GTO Other: Meade DSI guider, Robofocus Software: CCD Commander, Maxim DL, Photoshop CC 2014, Pixinsight 1.8

Date: Ha: Nov 12-13, 20162016 RGB: Nov 18-22, 2016 Exposure: Ha: 15x900'' bin1, RGB: 12X300'' each bin2 Total integration 7 hours Location: Asteria observatory, Hocking Hills, Ohio, US

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