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NGC 6950 - Cat's Eye nebula

The famous and elusive Cat's Eye nebula. Perhaps the hardest and most time-consuming image I had to process to date. Several different HDR techniques were applied to equalize the abruptly brighter core to the very faint outer shell. Be sure to click the full size image for a better view.

Technical details:

NGC6950 - Cat's Eye nebula

Imaging telescope: AT12 RC astrograph f/8 Imaging camera: QHY9M CCD Filters: Orion 2'' RGB Mount: AP900 GTO Other: Meade DSI guider, Robofocus Software: CCD Commander, Maxim DL, Photoshop CC 2014, Pixinsight 1.8

Date: Sep 20-23 2016 Exposure: L: 16x900'', 18x60''bin1, RGB: 12X300'' each, 12x60'' each for the core. Total integration 7 hours Location: Asteria observatory, Hocking Hills, Ohio, US

Click image for larger image and prints

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