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M97 - The Owl

First image of 2017. M97, or the Owl nebula. One of the best examples of planetary nebula in the night sky. Its central star shredded its outer layers, thousands of years ago.

Technical details:

Imaging telescope: AT12 RC astrograph f/8 Imaging camera: QHY9M CCD, -20C Filters: Orion 2'' RGB Mount: AP900 GTO Other: Meade DSI guider, Robofocus Software: CCD Commander, Maxim DL, Photoshop CC 2014, Pixinsight 1.8

Date: Feb 27, Mar 3, 2017 Exposure: RGB:6x900'' each, bin1, synthetic L Total integration 4.5 hours Location: Asteria observatory, Hocking Hills, Ohio, US

Click image for larger size and prints


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